Value Added Services

Cargo Insurance
APM ‘s “Cargo Insurance” provides protection to our customers, in return for a premium, against risks of physical loss or damage to their shipment from external causes, during transportation. The service is also known as ‘All Risks Insurance’ or ‘Goods in Transit Insurance’. It has the flexibility to match the customer’s needs, and can be arranged in several formats such as Open Cover or Block Policy with clauses Α,Β,C as well as special clauses for tailor made, risk mitigation insurance coverage.

Customs Services
The international trade and compliance landscape is rapidly changing, and global supply chains
are facing major challenges. It is in this climate that a Customs Broker with the ability to reduce
complexity offers customers who trade internationally a genuine competitive advantage.

Thanks to our local team of independent customs broker professionals, we take the complexity out of Customs formalities and support our valued customers in avoiding delays and administrative fines associated with Customs operations.